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At Midnite Confections, you will enjoy freshly baked and frosted cupcakes and cookies. On a daily basis, we feature 12 cupcake flavors and 4 cookie flavors. Also available through orders are pull apart cakes, small cakes, mini cupcakes, options for special dietary needs and custom decorations including fondant logo’s and special celebration cakes.

Cakes are available in most cupcake flavors 5"/6"/8"/10" Call or email to place an order today!

Best Cakes in Baltimore
Best Cakes in Baltimore

  ​​   Here at Midnite, we are grateful for the 12 years we have been able to serve you the quality products you         have come to expect from us. We continue to focus on quality ingredients, small batch recipes and                 uncompromised service.  Unfortunately, the cost of our ingredients has increased exponentially and as a         result, we are increasing our pricing by a small margin.
   Vanilla and vanilla beans have increased by 1300% in the last 10 years
  In just the last few months:
   Eggs are up 73%
   Butter is up 68%
   Chocolate is up 32%
   Sugar is up 8%
   We could go on. You can imagine how much of these ingredients we use on a daily basis and how this has        impacted our day to day baking costs. We feel lucky and grateful to have survived COVID and to be able to      continue to provide the same quality products for your families, co-workers, faculty and students.
 The Midnite Team

*We will be closed for vacation 6/26-7/4 and our hours will be 12pm-5pm 7/5-7/16*