• Ordering Cupcakes: You are free to walk into Midnite and pick up any mix of the 12 flavors we offer each day (8 Daily signatures, 1 flavor of the month, week and day and our featured StrangeLove).  We also offer 4 Cookie flavors daily.  If you want more than a dozen or specific flavors, it is a good idea to place the order via email the day before.  midniteconfections@gmail.com.

  • Do I need to prepay?  We ask that any specialty orders or orders over a dozen be prepaid which can be done by calling the store. (410) 727-1010

  • Can I order a flavor that is not on the daily menu?  Yes, but the minimum would be one dozen.


  •  Does Midnite offer mini cupcakes?  Yes, our mini cupcakes come in containers of 24/$30.  You can either get a mixture of our signatures or you can select a flavor from our other menu for the 2 dozen.  Orders for mini’s need to be placed, at a minimum, a day in advance.

  • Does Midnite offer cakes?  We bake 5, 6, 8 and 10 inch cakes in many but not all of our cupcake flavors.  They are priced $45/$60/$90/$125 with a basic design. Specialty designs are priced on a cake by cake basis.

  • Does Midnite cater special events?  Yes, we cater weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Corporate events…. And offer specialty decorations and corporate logo’s.  We rent and sell tiers, set-up and deliver. Fill out our catering page or email us at midniteconfections@gmail.com​

  • Does Midnite deliver? We do deliver for large events such as weddings.  For smaller orders, we use grubhub (www.grubhub.com/) and ubereats (www.ubereats.com/). When you put in the delivery address, if we are in the range of their delivery, our store will be listed.

  • Does Midnite ship?  We do not currently offer shipping.  The cupcakes do travel well as long as they are held in a cool temperature.

  • If I pick my cupcakes up the day before an event, will they still be fresh?  Yes, our cupcakes can be held at room temperature, refrigerated or frozen depending on the length of time they need to be held.

  • Does Midnite carry Red Velvet?  One of our signature flavors is Black Velvet.  Same as red just black.  It is our top seller.  However, if you must have red, they can be ordered by the dozen.

  • Does Midnite provide colored frosting for my order?  Yes, there is a slight upcharge depending on the number of cupcakes.  Please give us at least 24 hour notice at midniteconfections@gmail.com

  • Can Midnite individually box my cupcakes?  Yes, individual boxes are $.50ea

*Does Midnite offer Gluten Free or Vegan Cupcakes?  Yes.  Please place an order for them with 24 hour notice.  Minimum order is 1 doz @ $46.00 for Gluten Free and $46.00 for Vegan.  For Gluten Free, you must choose one flavor cake per dozen but you can get a variety of frostings.  For Vegan, you must choose a single flavor cake and frosting per dozen.

*Please be advised that Midnite is NOT a nut free bakery.  Food prepared may contain: milk, eggs, wheat, soybean, peanuts, and tree nuts.
FAQs & Facts